Photography – Food Edition

Hey Everyone! How are you all? I've been so busy with life, as always. Today's post is just some photos from my food adventures, some are from a while ago and some are taken recently, so yeah. Hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like, while you are at it.… Continue reading Photography – Food Edition


Things that I love tag

Hey Everyone! How have you all been? It's been some time since I've last posted! Anyways, today's post is another tag. I wanted to support my friend by doing her tag that she created and she's amazing so you should go and check her out here. I was nominated by Persona Pieces, make sure to check… Continue reading Things that I love tag

A Day in my Life (Weekend Edition)

Hi Everyone! So, it's the holidays for me at the moment. (Okay so I wrote this when I was having my holidays but now I have school) I hope you enjoy this post it anyway. MORNING Normally, I would do my morning routine. Then eat breakfast, sometimes I would eat poached eggs and bread. Then, I… Continue reading A Day in my Life (Weekend Edition)

Exploring Sydney ft. Persona Pieces

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today's post is a little different compared to what I normally post, hopefully you enjoy! xx Oh and I recently started school again, which is not that great but what can you do? I met up with two of my closest friends, one of them is Persona Pieces. You… Continue reading Exploring Sydney ft. Persona Pieces