The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi Everyone! I just want to thank all of you for those lovely messages that you commented on my Q & A + It’s My Birthday post. Thank you so much! ❤ I feel like I haven’t posted in ages. I recently got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award, thank you so much Queen Teen for this nomination. Make sure to go and check out her amazing blog!

1. What’s your favourite sport?

Probably, badminton or table tennis.

2. Do you have any siblings and what are they like?

I have one older sister. She’s a nice person.

3. Favourite song at the moment?

I really like Dimple by BTS and Gorgeous by Taylor Swift.

4. How old are you? When’s your birthday?

I want to be anonymous so I’m not going to tell you my age. (Sorry, but I feel like you can easily guess my age.) But I’m born on 19th of February.

5. A weird moment you’ve had?

It’s not really weird but more of a unexpected moment, was that I won second place for Cross Country and I wasn’t competitive, I was just running cause I had no one at the time to walk a 2km with. That was in primary school.

6. What’s something you regret you wish you could have changed?

When I started my new school last year, I wished I put more effort making friends with my “buddy”.

7. Least favourite TV show?

Umm… I’m not quite sure.

8. Tell us an important life lesson you believe in.

Always work hard. Sometimes in life, it is about winning.

9. Do you have a bad habit?


10. Would you rather bungee jump off a cliff or ride a bull?

I’ll rather bungee jump off a cliff.


  1. How do you spend your weekends?
  2. Do you like K-POP, if so which groups?
  3. Inspirational book?
  4. Favourite YouTubers?
  5. Where do you get your inspiration?
  6. When did you start your blog?
  7. Describe yourself in two words.
  8. What is something you and your best friend fangirl about?
  9. Description of what your country is like.
  10. How was your day?


The Beyoutiful Gal


Thoughtful Musician



I nominate all of you, as well!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! I’m starting to do my Birthday Haul post, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. Hope you have a amazing day! Remember to check out Queen Teen’s amazing blog! QOTD: Did you find any of my answers relatable?

-SaRitzy ❤



Q&A! + It’s My Birthday!!

Hi Everyone! How are you all? Well, today’s my birthday!! I’m one year older today! Not yay! So, I decided to do a Q&A. I asked you guys to give me some questions. I want to thank all of the bloggers who took their time to comment their questions. Thank you so much!! ❤ I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like!


@ Nikky

What is your all time favourite book?

 Probably either the Harry Potter Series or The Hunger Game Series.

@ Rachel

Which celebrity would you pick to be your sibling?

 Emma Watson or Jackson Wang (GOT7)
What’s something (besides breathing and blinking, etc.) You do every day?
 Umm… sleep? Haha, maybe check my blog.
What’s something on your bucket list?

To post more on my blog! 😀

@ Diana

Do you have any tips on writing a great blog post?

  • Write something you and your bloggers like.
  • Make it unique and eye catching.
  • Make your content useful or relatable.
  • Format your post to something that is easy for your readers to read.

I hope these tips are helpful!

@ Unknown Wiki

Do you know what a Quokka is? If yes, do you like it?

Quokka are so cute and adorable!!

@ Maggie

What two animals best describe your personality and why?

Dog and Sheep. It’s because I’m the year of the Sheep. Dogs are adorable (not saying that I’m adorable) but I feel like dogs can be understanding and know when someone is feeling down. (I can easily tell if someone is feeling a bit down. Maybe we all feel that? I don’t know.)
What is your favourite month of the year?
February, because it’s my birthday and November, whenever I think of November, I instantly think chill.
What are a few things you’d love to try someday?
I want to do skydiving. Go overseas!

@ Beyoutiful

Just would like to more about you and your hobbies.
I’m Zara(SaRitzy) and I live in Australia (you probably know this). I have the same birthday as Justin (Huang Ming Hao, Produce 101 Season 2 and Idol Producer) if you know who that is. My favourite YouTubers are Zoella, Alfie and Alisha Marie. Some of my hobbies include blogging and photography.

@ Thu

If you could live in any country, where would it be?

England, USA or in Europe, but I would want to feel at home, maybe I’ll stick with Australia for now.

@ Thoughtful Musician

If you could go anywhere in the world right now and not worry about the cost, where would you go?

All over Europe and Asia.

@ Jana

How do you find inspiration? 

Through quotes or people (bloggers, people around me)

What is something different about you?


What’s your favourite food?

I have a lot, I like chocolate, pizza, lasagne, meat pie, rice and more to name, cause I love food!

@My Harry Potter Blog

What’s your favourite book?
Probably either the Harry Potter Series or The Hunger Game Series.
What’s your favourite TV/Netflix series?
Umm… How I Met Your Mother? Teen Wolf? I have a lot, I really can’t choose.
What do you find motivational?
Quotes, TED Talk speeches.
How do you get your blog posts ready?
I tend to edit each of my post and if I want to post a particular post. Then I would finish it and upload it on my uploading schedule. (I hope that made sense, it probably didn’t.)
Are you confident?
 Umm… no not really.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got to know me a little bit better. I want to give a shoutout to all of the bloggers who asked questions! Maybe I could do a Birthday haul or something. Let me know in the comments below. Have a nice day! QOTD: Should I do a Birthday Haul?

-SaRitzy ❤

7 things to do everyday

Hi Everyone! How are you all? I hope you are all good. I’m starting to get stressed over school. I have a lot assignments and homework to do. It’s Chinese New Year Eve today and Chinese New Year tomorrow! There’s going to be a lot of red pockets!!! So, for today’s post is just going to be some little things that you should do everyday. Also, I want to thank you all for 150 followers!!! ❤ Thank you so much!!

1)  Wake up with a optimistic mood

By far, I feel like this method actually works. Normally you would feel better at the end of the day be you woke feeling happy. 😀 Just remember be positive!!

2) Check your planner

A good way to start the day is by being organised and have everything prepared for the day. It only takes about 5 minutes.

3)  Make a to do list

This is a good way to start the day, a productive day. It keeps you organised and you would know what you need to do for the day.

4)  SMILE!

Good way to start the day is always by smiling!! 😀

5)  Eat healthy

We all need to eat healthy. Don’t eat junk food, eat more protein and healthy food, so that it can energise your body and bring positive vibes all over your body.

6)  Exercise

Everyday you need to have at least 30 mins of exercise, it can just be going out for a 30 minute walk or slow pace jog.

7)  Get enough sleep

Never sleep less than 6 hours cause it’s really bad for you. The best possible way is to have a fixed time of when you go to bed and when you wake up. Then, it can become a sleeping pattern.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Make sure you give it a like! I hope you have a great Chinese New Year! Have a great day!! QOTD: What are some things that you do everyday?

-SaRitzy ❤

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi Everyone! How is life? I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Yay! Another award that is amazing! I would like to thank Molly for this nomination! Thank you so much!! Make sure go and check out her amazing blog!


  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.







Thoughtful Musician







Beyoutiful Gal


Unknown Wiki

Anyone who wants to do it, feel free to comment down below and I’ll add you to the list of nominations!

7 things about me!

  1. I’ve never been overseas. (I want to go all over the world, mainly Europe and Asia)
  2. It’s my birthday soon! YAY!
  3. I have one sibling.
  4. I’m in the Ravenclaw house.
  5. I love quotes and calligraphy.
  6. I really like puns and relatable memes.
  7. I like Autumn and Spring the most, out of all of the seasons.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to give it a like! Remember to check out Molly’s lovely blog! I hope you have a great day! QOTD: What are some 7 facts about you?

-SaRitzy ❤

7 Unpopular Opinions

Hi Everyone! How’s it going? I hope you all are doing well! It’s actually nearly my birthday! 8 days to go!! YAY!! Also, Chinese New Year is soon! I’m quite excited!! 😀 Today’s post is just about my 7 unpopular opinions. Please don’t feel offended! Make sure to give this post a like!

  • I personally like How I Met Your Mother more than Friends. I actually like both of them. I also like the ending of How I Met Your Mother, I ship them, so that’s probably why.
  • I  don’t mind Taylor Swift. I don’t know whether people like her more than they hate her but I feel like people who dislike her, sometimes don’t really have a valid reason of why they dislike her. E.g Cause her music sucks.
  • They need to stop making a second movie (sequel) of a film. (If you know what I mean) I know the first film was popular and the people who made the movie want more money but do they have to that? But, for majority of the time the second or third movies aren’t as good as the first movie. E.g Ice Age 1,2,3 and 4 and Mean Girls 1,2, etc.
  • I generally hate it when people complain about someone uploading a mirror selfie. They would get comments like “pretty” or “😍 😍”. Then the people who complain do the exact same thing and get those comments. 🤷‍♀️
  • I personally prefer hot chocolate than coffee. I mean I like coffee but hot chocolate is better.
  • Blackpink and Twice are really over-rated. I mean their music is good and all but they’re not hugely talented compared to other groups. They’re also really over hyped. I like their personalities but they’re not as funny as some other groups.
  • Winter is better than Summer. Okay, I personally prefer Winter over Summer, mainly because Summer is too hot. I just hate it when you sweat and stuff, people showing off their bodies and you can’t go outside because it’s too hot. (But I do love Summer for the longer nights.)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please don’t feel offended if my opinion is different to yours. Maybe you could have found it relatable, maybe or maybe not. Anyways, make sure to give this post a like and have a good day! QOTD: What are some of your unpopular opinions?

-SaRitzy ❤

How to Avoid Writer’s Block

Hi Everyone! I’m back at school. Which means more and more homework to do and less blogging. 😫 I was really enjoying my month and a half break but now school is back. Also, how can I forget. It’s February!!! Anyways, today’s post is about writer’s block! If you don’t know what it is, it’s just when you have nothing to write or when have no idea what to write. This happens to a lot of people, including me. I’m going to give you some tips and ways that you can avoid them. Make sure to give this post a like.

1)  Read other bloggers post for inspiration!
This is always one of the best ideas for us bloggers to do. It helps us get some inspiration from bloggers and take some ideas from their blog post, then twist it to make it our own.

2)  Google Blog Ideas

I actually do this quite often when I don’t know what to write and it actually helps! Down below there are some links for lifestyle blogger post ideas:

100 Lifestyle Blog Ideas

75 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

115 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

You can even make your own list as a blog post. Even better, the ideas you thought of, you can use it for your own blog.

3)  Make a series

This is quite simple. Just start by think about an idea, it can be anything. E.g It can be like a tag series or a rant series, pretty much anything you can think of.

4)  Upload some pictures for a blog post

I’ve seen a lot of blog post, where bloggers would upload some pictures they took on a trip. Or even just sharing their photography with everyone. E.g Photos from my trip to England.

5)  Read books and write tonnes of book reviews

This is actually a good idea because there are a lot of books in this world and you pretty much never run out of  books to read or book review ideas! It’s also good to know that you remember what you have read.

That is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to give it a like! Hopefully this post gave you some ideas of what to write for your blog. I hope you have a good day! QOTD: How do you avoid writer’s block?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Harry Potter Tag + 100 Followers!!

Hi Everyone! I’m back with another Harry Potter post! YAY! As you may or may not know but Harry Potter is one of favourite series. I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like! 😀 Also, I would like to thank you all for 100+ followers, I’m really happy to have reached my goal! Thank you so much! ❤

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.38.24 am.png
This is so amazing!! 100+ Followers!!! ❤

1) Favourite HP book?
Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I like the Triwizard Tournament and Snape’s side of the story.

2) Least favourite book?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I feel like not much happens (stuff does happen) but the book is really long and Umbridge is just annoying.

3) Favourite movie?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I feel like a lot of things happen in this movie. I really love the ending of the movie, where it shows Harry, Ron, Hermonie and Ginny sending their children off to Hogwarts.

4) Least favourite movie?  
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I personally feel like not much happens. It’s sort of similar to The Hunger Games Part 1, because the plot is slow and it’s on for 2-3 hours.

5) Favourite quote?


6) Favourite Weasley?
Fred and George. (Sorry Ron!) They’re so funny and they just make your day a little bit brighter.

7) Favourite female character?
Hermonie Granger and Luna Lovegood. I love how Hermonie gives off some feminist vibes and she’s smart. She shows a good representation of what a independent woman can do. I personally feel like Luna also gives off some of those vibes as well.

8) Favourite villain?
Draco Malfoy. Who doesn’t like him?

9) Favourite male character?
Harry Potter. Cause he’s Harry Potter.

10) Favourite professor?
Professor Mcgonagall, she so sassy and I love her quote “I always wanted to use that spell”.

That is all for today! I just want to thank all of my followers, once again. ❤ I’m really happy to have surpass 100+ followers. Thank you guys so much! *virtual hug* I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to give it a like! Have a fabulous day everyone! QOTD: Which Harry Potter movie is your favourite?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Blogger Recognition Award!

Hi Everyone! It’s me, and I’m here with another post! YAY! Today’s post will be a bit different because I got nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award! I would like to thank Elise for nominating me for this award. Thank you so much!!! xx Make sure you go and check out her blog!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  2. Write a post to show the award
  3.  Give a little backstory on how your blog first started
  4. Share two pieces of advice you think new bloggers should know
  5. Nominate five other bloggers for the award and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know, along with a link to your award post

How this blog came about

The reason why I started this blog was because two of my friends had a secret blog, only them two knew about it. Until one of my best friends and I found it out through Instagram. Then, I felt the urge to make a blog myself. But being me I procrastinated on creating my blog but I eventually got around to it. I actually made my blog in 2016 but I only actually started posting around June 2017.  Later, my friends deleted their blog. I think it’s because they knew that my best friend and I found out and didn’t want us to read their personal stuff and issues that they wrote on their blogs (which is fine). That’s my story.


  • Have a posting schedule

Having a posting schedule is really helpful because you know when you have to post. It keeps you organised as well.

  • Never Compare

Don’t worry about you blog post not getting enough likes or views. It doesn’t really matter if other bloggers have more followers than you. It’s more about you writing your thoughts and sharing it with other people.





Thoughtful Musician


I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to give it a like! Thank you so much for reading! xx I hope you have a great day! Remember to go and check out Elise’s blog. QOTD: How was your day?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Struggles of Being a Blogger

Hi Everyone! How’s it going? For today’s post, I’m going to tell you some struggles that happen to most bloggers. Also, I have to say that I’m really happy because my goal was to upload 7 blog post this month and this is the 7th post! YAY! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post! 😀 If you liked it, make sure to give it a like!

Writer’s Block

This always happens, when you first become a blogger I feel like you have so much to write but then when you become better and get use to blogging you start to have a writer’s block. It’s really annoying.

Having to post on schedule

I know it’s a good thing to have a posting schedule but sometimes you don’t really have the time to post. For me I sometimes procrastinate on my blog posts, then I’ll end up posting them one day late.

Come up with a good post idea but then you forget it

I feel like this happens to me, a lot and it’s really frustrating. I think the best way to remember those ideas is just by quickly writing them down.

Not having enough time to blog

For most bloggers they hardly ever have enough time to blog. It’s mainly because of school and exams. Or other activities that us bloggers have to do.

You put a lot of effort into your blog post and no one cares

Sometimes, bloggers spend a lot of time on a particular post but it doesn’t get as much likes or views as their other post that they have spent less time on. I mean a lot people want to beat their own personal record in terms of views and likes but it’s okay if people don’t take much notice. ❤

That is it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to give it a like! I hope you all bloggers out there can relate to some of the struggles that were shown above. I hope you have a great day! QOTD: What struggles do you have as a blogger?

-SaRitzy ❤

10 things that make me happy!

Hi Everyone! How have you been? I have to back to school soon. 😫  Nooo! Anyways, for today’s post, I’m going to tell you 10 thing that make me happy. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it, and if you did make sure to give it a like. 👍 😀

1) Being with my friends

It’s always fun being around with my friends. They always make me laugh and support me all the time. 😀 True friendship! ❤ I don’t think I have told you this but one of my really close friend and I have been friends for like more than 10 years. I can’t believe that! It makes me happy to think that I’ve known her for such a long time.

2) Family

This is one of the top things that make me happy. I feel like my family supports me and my ambitions. At the same time they all want me to succeed in life. It’s just so nice to know that there is always someone that cares for you, who is a family member. ❤

3) K-POP

I really like K-POP but not in a huge fangirl way. Just in a neutral level, not too hardcore and not too non-Kpop. My favourite groups at the moment are Got7, Apink and BTS. Taehyung, Jin and Hoseok are bias wreaking me, making it hard fo me to find a bias!! Which K-POP group do you follow?

4) Blogging

Blogging is just amazing, I don’t how to describe it. You get to meet amazing people, who are so inspiring. It is so nice to be in an environment where everyone is so supportive to one another!! It’s definitely one of the best experiences ever! ❤

5) Chocolateee!!

I mean who doesn’t like chocolate, (some people) and I personally love it, a lot. I actually like all of chocolates like, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

6) Foooddddd!!!!

I love food and food is bae. Nothing can beat food, it will always be my favourite thing in the world! It always makes me happy!

7) Movies/ TV Shows/ K-Drama or Asian Dramas 

I love watching K-Drama and movies. It’s so nice to spend some time watching a movie or a K-Drama.

8) Memes and Puns

I personally love puns, some memes are funny but puns are better. I love cute puns like the ones down below!

066b57540b79fd7ec9c14131c465b5b7 puns-galore-10__880

9) Watching YouTube videos

Yess!!! I love YouTubers like, Zoella, Alfie and Michelle Phan. I also like Meredith Foster and Alisha Marie but I don’t watch their videos that often. If I feel like watching skits or comedy videos, I’ll watch Ryan Higa or LeendaD Productions.

10) Reading

I personally love reading but the thing is, I haven’t read a book in a long time. I feel really bad and I don’t know what series to read. But I still love reading, as you may or may not know but I love Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent. (Only the first book of the Divergent Series.) Have you watched Death Cure yet?

That is all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it! If you liked it, then make sure to give it a like! 😀 I can’t believe that I only have one week left before I have to go to school. 😫 Anyways, I hope you have a good day! QOTD: What makes you happy?

-SaRitzy ❤

8 things to boost your happiness

Hi Everyone! How is it going? Today, I’m going to tell you, 8 things that increase your happiness. Isn’t that great? 🙂 I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like, if you liked it. 😀

1) Eat Healthy/ Exercising or going outside

Eating healthy food and exercising can increase your energy.

2) LET IT GO!! *Immediately thinks of Frozen 😂*

Don’t hold onto those negative thoughts or those annoying problems, just take a few minutes/hours to rest a refresh your mind. Never waste time worrying over these negative thoughts and just try to figure out a solution. Never bottle it up, just let it go.

3) Compliment other people

Even if you’re not the one receiving the compliment, doesn’t mean you’ll feel sad. Giving someone a compliment can make you happy as well! You feel good because you’re giving and making someone else happy.

4) NEVER compare yourself with others

I know it’s really hard to not compare yourself with other people. But it’s okay because you are perfect the way you are and that’s what makes us all unique.

5) Be positive!!

Be happy and don’t get too worked up about your issues. Try your best!

6) Talk to someone

Tell someone you trust like a family member or a friend about your issues. They’ll try their best to help you with your situation.

7) Get Quality Sleep

Having the right amount of sleep is very important. No one really wants to see you grumpy because you stayed up all night binging TV Shows.

8) Smile!!

Remember to always smile!!! 😀 Also, have fun!

9c7872d5332565db8ef50d18cca6f2c8--positive-happy-quotes-unhappy-quotes .             957bf1ebd6de55edaffd485891a02e20

That is all for today! I hope you like this post, make sure to give it a like. Hopefully these tips can be handy one day! Remember to always smile and think positive! Always remember to have fun! 😀 Have a good day! QOTD: What makes you happy?

-SaRitzy ❤


7 things to love about The Harry Potter Series

Hi Everyone! Today’s post is going to be all about The Harry Potter Series! YAY!! Who doesn’t love this series? I love it so much! It’s just so beautiful, everything about it is amazing. Now, here are some things to love about The Harry Potter Series.

1. The Characters

All the characters from Harry Potter are really interesting and all of them seem to have a interesting background story. Most of the characters are likeable and has its purpose of being in the story.

2.Harry, Ron and Hermonie’s Friendship. 

Who doesn’t love the friendship that the Golden Trio have? They supported each other and help one another. Even if Ron and Hermonie didn’t get along at the beginning, they both started to understand their true feelings that they had for each other. The Golden Trio will forever be the iconic.


This is one of the main keys parts to Harry Potter. Each and every quote has so much meaning to it.

harry-potter eef6e466-27ee-4569-8cbc-bf318e2f111e

4.The Triwizard Tournament

The tournament is literally one of my favourite things in The Harry Potter Series. The whole thing is just amazing! I love how the tournament included other schools. All the dragons, swimming and mazes.

5.A Different World

Harry Potter literally brings you to a different world, a whole new idea of another world. I feel like sometimes, it’s hard to even think of a plot for a creative writing piece. But JK Rowling created a imaginary world, that can tell many stories.

6.New Words

In Harry Potter, there are soooo many new words like, muggle, mudblood and horcrux, etc. Even the spells are new words for us, like Alohomora, Expecto Patronum and Expelliarmus.


The houses in Harry Potter include, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I like how all the houses have something that they are know for. Like, Ravenclaw is know for their wisdom, cleverness, and wit. It’s another one of the those iconic things in Harry Potter. Which house are you in?


That is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and found it relatable in some way. What is your favourite thing about Harry Potter? Anyways, have a good day! QOTD: Which Harry Potter book is your favourite?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Aesthetic Tag

Hey Everyone! I’m doing my first tag ever on WordPress!! YAY, I’m so excited!! I was nominated by Rosie, thank you so much for this nomination!! ❤ Make sure to go a check out her fabulous blog.


· Thank the person that tagged you and leave a link to their blog.

· Add the following picture to your post.


· Leave a link to the original post .

· Create aesthetics for the 3 characters that the person who tagged you gives .

· Make sure to use your own aesthetics.

· Tag at least 3 other bloggers providing links to their blog.

· List your own set of characters for the people that you tagged.

· Have fun!


Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter




White Bunny from Alice in Wonderland



Katniss Everdeen- The Hunger Games

Harry Potter


I Nominate:



Thoughtful Musician



Anyone else, feel free to do this tag!!

I hope you liked this post, as much as I did, making the aesthetics. Remember to go and check out Rosie’s blog and have a good day!  QOTD: Which aesthetic character did you like the best?

-SaRitzy ❤

TV Shows/ K-Drama that you have to binge watch

Hello Everybody!! It’s 2018, which means it’s a new year and a new start for most of us. If you didn’t know this but I love K-Drama, a lot. I also quite like watching American TV Shows. I’m going to share some of my favourite TV Shows and K-Drama.

American TV Shows (Watch it on Netflix)

  • Teen Wolf
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Stranger Things
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Friends
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Gossip Girl
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Thirteen Reasons Why
  • Riverdale
  • Vampire Diaries.

K-Drama (Watch on KissAsian or Viki)

  • The Legend of the Blue Sea
  • My Love From Another Star
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Doctor Stranger
  • Reply 1997
  • Sassy Go Go
  • Who Are You: School 2015
  • Goblin
  • Descendants of the Sun
  • Pinocchio

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to binge watch any of these TV Shows or K-Drama. I hope you liked my recommendation list and find a show that will interest you. Have a good day! ❤ Also, thank you so much for 50 followers!!