Appreciation Post! xx

Hi Lovelies! I hope you’ve been having a great day! ❤ So, today I just want to show how much, I love and appreciate your amazingness! You guys are so amazing and I just want to thank you all! I also can’t believe that I have reached 500 followers! Thank you so much! I’m so happy to have met so any amazing bloggers who are so passionate about blogging and I love how everyone puts so much effort into your blogs! I hope you all, the best in the future! I hope you all continue to love blogging and enjoy everything about. I’m really happy that I’ve made this blog and it means so much to me. I’ve have come so far, from 0 to how many followers there are. It’s great that people love share post about their life, diys and advice. I love you all! I hope you have a lovely day! ❤ QOTD: What are you grateful for?

-SaRitzy ❤


VIVID 2018

Hi Everyone! How are you? So, in Australia there is this light festival called VIVID. It’s at night and there would be tonnes of art, that light up. It’s looks amazing! I decided to share some photos with you and I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to give this post a like!







That was just sneak peak of Vivid! I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to smile! Also, I don’t know why but the photo quality doesn’t look that good on this post but it looked great on my phone. Have a good day! QOTD: Would you come to VIVID?

-SaRitzy ❤

Room Decor Ideas

Hi Everyone! How are you? I’ve recently been stuck with tonnes of essays and exams, which is why I haven’t been posting much. I hope you guys understand. Also, I feel like doing a collab and if you want to do one make sure to contact me by Instagram or Email, go to the contact section. Anyways, today’s post is just about some decor ideas for your room. Make sure to give this post a like!

+ Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights so much, I’ve always wanted to have them in my room but I never really got around to it. They’re so pretty!


Cute little plants, on a desk are definitely a must, when it comes to room decor.

+Pin Board

These are so cute and you literally just pin up anything that you like!


I love polaroids so much, they’re so nice and so cute!


So nice to have in your room, especially on your bed.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you’ve been having a good day! Remember to be happy and if any of you want to do a collab make sure to contact me through email or instagram. All of that information is on my contact page. Have a good day! QOTD: What are some of your room decor must haves?

-SaRitzy ❤

How to gain followers on your blog?

Hi Everyone! How are you all? So, recently some of you asked me how I gained my followers and that’s how this post came about. I just want to help you guys, by giving some tips and advice that can help you all get more and more followers.

<1> Go to the comment section of a blog post and follow all the bloggers

I think majority of us have done this. So, literally you just click onto a blog post and you comment, or look at the people who have commented and you follow them. Sometimes, they follow back sometimes they don’t.

<2> The other way around 

Comment on a blog post and let people find you. Instead of you finding them.

<3> Blog Party

This is honestly one of the best ways to find new followers and it’s benefits everyone, make sure you join one.

<4> Comment or spam on their blog so they notice you

I know some bloggers don’t like it when people do this but it’s kind of smart because it’s get the blogger’s attention. OKAY, GUYS! WHAT I MEAN BY SPAM IS PRETTY MUCH LIKE< LIKING AND COMMENTING ON PEOPLE”S POST! NOT SPAMMING THEM WITH WERID COMMENTS!

<5> It takes time

I know a lot you want tonnes of followers but sometimes it takes time and I feel like you shouldn’t rush into things because there would be a point when your blog with reach it’s peak. Don’t worry if someone else has a lot followers because it doesn’t matter.

<6> Be more active

Stay consistent with your blogging schedule and interact with the members on the community!

<7> Post more!

Write and share your ideas with the rest of the world! ❤

Remember it’s really the choice of the blogger whether or not they want to follow you or not because it’s all up to them. I don’t think you should be petty, if they don’t follow you back.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Make sure to give it a like! Hopefully, this post was helpful in some way. But remember it does take a lot of time to gain followers! Have a lovely day and have fun! QOTD: Some tips about gaining followers on your blog?

-SaRitzy ❤

Places where I would travel to

Hi Everyone! How are you? So, I’m back with a travel post! Isn’t that exciting? I don’t know if you know this but I haven’t travelled overseas before and that is probably why I really want to travel around the world. Make sure to give this post a like!

Places I want to go:


BeFunky-collage (4)


BeFunky-collage (7)


BeFunky-collage (6)


BeFunky-collage (5)


BeFunky-collage (8)

That is all for today’s post! I only named some of the countries that I really wanted to go to, and of course there are many other countries that I want to visit. I hope you all have a great day and remember to smile! Make sure to like this post! Have a good day! QOTD: Which countries do you want to travel to?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Gossip Girl Tag

Hi Everyone! How are you? So, I’m back with another tag. I haven’t done a tag is a very long time and I just wanted to do one on one of my latest obsession which is Gossip Girl. It’s a good show, I think you should check it out and binge watch the whole tv show.


1. How did you discover the show?

I’ve known Gossip Girl for a very long time, but only recently started to watch it.

2. Who is your favourite character?

Blair, of course. I mean everyone loves Blair, she’s just that character that is relatable in some way and she really works hard for things that she really wants.

3. Who would you see yourself being friends with on the show?

Umm… honestly none, they’re all a bit problematic and it’s a bit too much for me.

4. Chair or Dair?

Chair, obviously I mean Dair would be better of as siblings or just friends. Chuck and Blair are a couple that will always be together forever.

5. What’s your favourite ship that would never actually happen?

Serenate, omg! Nate and Serena are so good together, Dan just sucks. They make him seem so nice in the first two seasons then, he’s just gets worse and worse. Literally, he’s like I’m not like these Upper East siders and I’m like yeah you are. He’s a hypocrite. Nate is so nice and he forgives people so easily, something that Dan will never be.

6. If you were to be any character, who would you be?

None. But, if I were to be any character, Blair.

7. Have you read the books?


8. Who’s your crush on the show?

Honestly, these guys have way too many flaws, not like it’s a bad thing. It’s just the fact that they’re not really my type. It’s more like a mix of Chuck and Nate.

9. What was your first thoughts on the show?


10. And finally, who was your favourite villain?

So, I googled this and it’s says that Louis Grimaldi and Gossip Girl, so I chose them. I mean Louis wasn’t that bad in my opinion and gossip girl is just being gossip girl.

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to give it a like! I hope you all have a good day! Make sure to watch Gossip Girl if you haven’t already. QOTD: Have you watched Gossip Girl?

-SaRitzy ❤

Some breakfast foods that I love ❤️

Hi Everyone! How have you been? I feel like I haven’t been doing a proper post recently, so I decided to post more on my schedule and something that I put more effort on, even if this post doesn’t look like I’ve done much. Are most of you on summer vacation or holidays? I hope you have fun and make the most of your time!  So, today’s post is on breakfast foods, that are just simply amazing. I feel hungry now, haha. Make sure to give this post a like!

BeFunky-collage (1)

  • 𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚕𝚊, 𝚋𝚕𝚞𝚎𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜, 𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚊 𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚐𝚞𝚛𝚝
  • 𝙾𝚊𝚝𝚜, 𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚠𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚐𝚞𝚛𝚝
  • 𝙿𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜, 𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚕𝚞𝚎𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜

BeFunky-collage (3)

  • 𝙰𝚟𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚍𝚘 𝚘𝚗 𝚃𝚘𝚊𝚜𝚝
  • 𝙴𝚐𝚐𝚜 𝙱𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚌𝚝
  • 𝚆𝚊𝚏𝚏𝚕𝚎𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝙸𝚌𝚎 𝙲𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙲𝚑𝚘𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚃𝚘𝚙𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐
  • 𝚃𝚘𝚊𝚜𝚝 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝙽𝚞𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙱𝚊𝚗𝚊𝚗𝚊, 𝙾𝚊𝚝𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙱𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜

Overall opinion:

I love pancakes with ice cream so much, even if it’s not the most ‘healthy’ breakfast, I will still love it! Yogurt and fruit for breakfast is definitely something that I love a lot. When, I’m at brunch, I like to get a Eggs Benedict. I’m not going to lie but, I use to not like avocados but now I’m a huge fan of them. I love it when it on toast or a slice of bread. I’m kind of use to the taste of avocado now and it’s delicious.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Some of my favourite breakfast foods! I also love brunch, it’s just so amazing! If you’ve never been brunching before, I totally think you should go. I hope you all have a good day. Honestly, just writing this makes me feel hungry, lol. Make sure to be happy and I just want to thank you all once again for 400 followers, it means a lot and thank you so much! ❤ QOTD: What are some breakfast foods that you love?

-SaRitzy ❤


Hi Everyone! How have you all been? I just really want to thank you all for your support that you have given to me and this blog, just by giving it a follow! I’m so happy that I’ve reached 400 followers because of you guys, and I want to thank you! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! ❤ I hope you guys all have a great day and make sure to smile and be happy!



-SaRitzy ❤

Why I love book shops

Hi Everyone! How are you all? Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you did something nice for your mother. 😀 I can’t believe that the second week of school was so long. Today’s post is just some reasons why I love book shops! I love bookstores they are truly amazing and I love them so much! I hope you find some of these relatable in some way. Make sure to give this post a like.

BeFunky-collage (2)

  • Honestly, whenever I walk into a bookstore, I instantly want to read books.
  • Sooooo many books
  • The smell
  • It feels peaceful and nice
  • You feel relaxed
  • It’s aesthetic!
  • Feels sort of vintage
  • The touch of a new book
  • Meet other book lovers
  • Getting to see so many different book series

I hope you liked this really short post! Yet, again Happy Mother’s Day! ❤ I hope you all have a great day! Make sure to give this post a like! QOTD: What did you do for your mother on Mother’s Day? or What are your favourite things about bookshops?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Awesome Blogger Award! #2

Hi Everyone! I got nominated for The Awesome Blogger Award again by the lovely Ella, make sure to check out her blog, that is literally the most amazing thing ever.


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Include the reason behind the award (Let’s just do it here: The Awesome Blogger award was originally created by Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. they have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. that is what truly defines an awesome blogger.)
  •  Include the banner in your post


  • Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader
  • Answer the questions your nominator gave you
  • Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers
  • Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer
  • Let your nominees know they’ve been nominated!

Ella’s Questions:

+ Polka dots or stripes?

Honestly I like both of them but I’ll probably go with stripes.

+ What is your go-to sunglasses shape?

The typical round glasses.


+ If you were to live in one country for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Not sure, this is hard. Maybe Australia for now.

+ What is your favourite store?

This is hard. I like H&M and Sportsgirl.

+ What is your go-to hairstyle?

Hair up in a ponytail or hair out.

+ What is your aesthetic?

Cozy Warmth and Pastel

+ What is your favourite thing to have for breakfast?

Probably pancakes with strawberries and ice cream.

+ How do you find inspiration for blogging?

The people I know and other bloggers.

+ Who is your celebrity look-alike?

No one, cause I’m special! 😂 I actually have no idea.

+ What is one food that you would love to try?


My Questions:

  • What are you proud of?
  • Do you like taking photos?
  • Have you watched Gossip Girl?
  • Nate or Dan (Gossip Girl)
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Books or Movies
  • Favourite store?
  • Stranger Things or Riverdale
  • Go-to outfit?
  • Movies to binge?


Coastal twins


Thoughtful Musician





That is it for today’s post! Make sure to give it a like! Remember to follow the lovely Ella and like her post! ❤ Have a good day!

-SaRitzy ❤

Road trip Essentials

Hi Everyone! How are you all? I hope you all have been having a good day. Today’s post is going to be about Road trip essentials and what I would bring if I went on a road trip. Make sure to give this post a like!

☆ Sunglasses

This is like a must have, when you go on road trips.

☆ Book

I might get bored, so a book would be good.

☆ Bag

A kanken bag or any bag would be just perfect to put whatever in it.

☆ Phone

You always ave to bring your phone, just to take some pictures and go on it.

☆ Snacks

A road trip would not be a road trip if it didn’t have snacks. The best snacks to bring would be something that is healthy or just chocolate. Haha

☆ Hat

Totally need a hat!

☆ Music

YASSS! Music is definitely what you would need on a road trip.

☆ Water

Gotta stay hydrated!

☆ Polaroid

I love polaroids so much and they are so cute! Also, definitely something nice to take pictures with.

☆ Sunscreen

Got to be protect your skin!

☆ Body lotion

Another must have! It’s so nice to just have some.

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to give this post a like! This was just a very quick post, I’m sorry if I didn’t explain much about why I chose the essentials but I hope you still enjoyed it! Make sure to smile and be happy! 🙂 Have a nice day! QOTD: What are your road trip essentials?

-SaRitzy ❤


Autumn Photography

Hi Everyone! How are you all? I recently go back to school after 2 weeks of holidays. So, today’s post is going to be about my autumn photography. I actually took this last week. For some reason this autumn/ fall, it doesn’t seem like the leaves on the trees seem to be changing colour. It feel like it’s a late autumn. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos!









I hope you enjoy seeing my fab photography skills and think it was great! 😂 Make sure to smile and be happy! Have a good day! Make sure to give this post a like! QOTD: What is your favourite season?

-SaRitzy ❤

Spring + Autumn Outfits

Hi Everyone! How are you all? It’s actually Autumn or Fall, whichever on you want to call it. Probably, for most of you it’s Spring. (Lovely season btw) I just wanted to share with you some outfits that I put together. Hope you enjoy and make sure to give this post a like!


Adlery Pro Regular

Autumn Outfits

☆ Just a simple outfit that calls out autumn, with the colours. It’s kind of like a go-to outfit, with a shirt, jacket and a denim skirt.

Adlery Pro Regular

Simple Pastel Grid Photo Mood Board

☆ This outfit is probably the most simple (actually all of them are), just a shirt, jeans, and a coat with black boots.


 Adlery Pro Regular

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.25.07 pm

☆ Another simple and easy outfit. The look is sort of spring but not really at the same time, it consists of a off the shoulder top, black pants, adidas superstar shoes and a kanken bag.

These are just some simple and easy outfits that I have put together! I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it can give you some ideas of what you can wear for either Spring or Autumn! Have a fantastic day and make sure to give this post a like! QOTD: What do you normally wear for spring or autumn?

-SaRitzy ❤

Apps Must Haves + 300 Followers!

Hi Everyone! How have you been? At the moment I’m on my holidays, a two week break and I’m so glad that I am! Today’s post is just going to be some apps that people, including me, find helpful! Make sure to give this post a like! Also, I just want to thank you all for 300+ followers! You guys are the best!


This is such a lovely photo editing app, probably the best. I mainly use VSCO the most when it comes to editing my photos.

☆ Spotify 

Who doesn’t love Spotify? I pretty sure most of you have it, but it’s probably the main app that I use to listen to music.

☆ Memrise

I’ve never used this app before, but seems to be good. It has flashcards that you can use to memorise languages.

☆ Lumosity

It is such a good brain game app, that can help to train your brain to think faster an be more alert. Quite helpful and fun to play.

☆ PhotoMath

The app is pretty much a camera calculator that can solve mathematical equations, very easily. But, I haven’t used the app before. It seems to be good.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and make sure to give it a like! I want to thank you again for giving me 300+ followers! ❤ Have a fantastic day! QOTD: What are some apps that you think are a must have?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Liebster Award

Hi Everyone! I got nominated for The Liebster Award by lovely the Ann-Kathrin, make sure to go and check out her amazing blog, it’s so yellow and aesthetic.


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who deserve the award
  • Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer
  • Let them know they’ve been nominated


  1. I love food!
  2. I’m currently watching Gossip Girl and I love it! The intro is so iconic!
  3. I’m into KPOP, you might know this cause every question I ask is Do you like KPOP?
  4. I have school in a week! 😦
  5. I recently did my first collab on my blog, it was really exciting and I hope to do it again! 😀
  6. I’ve actually made bullet journal title pages for each month but I don’t actually have any other stuff in it except for the title pages.
  7. I really like Starbucks.
  8. I want to go and travel because I haven’t been anywhere other than Australia.
  9. I feel like blogging is such an amazing thing and I hope more people can see that.
  10. I think my ultimate boy group is BTS for now. (It’s hard to find a boy group to stan the most out of all of these amazing boy groups)
  11. Justin Huang is amazing and I surely do miss Idol Producer.

Anni’s questions:

Coffee or tea?


What is the best concert you’ve been to?

LOLLLLL, have’t been to one. Except for those school ones, which aren’t that great.

Fruits or vegetables?


What is your absolute comfort food?

Just food in general is my comfort food. (Chocolate, haha)

Appetizer or dessert?


If you had to wear the same outfit everyday, what would it be?

Well, it would be something comfy.

Morning person or night owl?

Night Owl

Does your morning skincare routine vary from the nighttime?

A bit

TV shows or movies?

Both… I can’t choose

What do you pick out first when choosing an outfit?

Probably the shirt.

Breakfast or brunch?








Thoughtful Musician

The Unknown Wiki

The Beyoutiful Gal


Perks of Vari


And all you lovely people! ❤

My Questions

  • What is your morning routine?
  • Some quotes you love?
  • Have you watched Gossip Girl?
  • What is blogging to you?
  • Cakes or Chocolate
  • One thing you are proud of?
  • May Goals?
  • Anything that you are obsess with?
  • Serena or Blair? (Gossip Girl)
  • Favourite Youtuber?
  • Fridays or Saturdays?

I just want to thank Ann for the nomination and make sure to check out her lovely blog! I hope you all have a fantastic and be happy!

-SaRitzy ❤

Spring Must Haves collab with Anjana

Hi Everyone! How are you? I know that at the moment it’s Autumn in Australia and I’m doing a Spring post. The weird thing is that it doesn’t feel like Autumn. Anyway, let’s not worry about that! So here a some of my spring must haves, if it was Spring. Also, this is my first collab on this blog and I’m really excited and make sure to check out Anjana’s post.

★ PH 400 Regular Caps

I love off the shoulder tops they look so nice and I’ve always wanted one.

PH 400 Regular Caps

Gringham are so nice and pretty, I honestly love spring fashion.

★ PH 400 Regular Caps

I’ve been wanting a Denim Jacket for a long time, I have something that is similar to it but it still isn’t the same.

PH 400 Regular Caps

Belted shorts look amazing, I personally love the pastel coloured ones because they look adorable and pastel.

Spring Must HAves (1)

  PH 400 Regular Caps

You know how everyone wants a Kanken, well I want a Herschel more than a Kanken, it’s probably because it’s better for school and it seems to fit more things.

★ PH 400 Regular Caps

Tonnes of notebooks are just not enough, you need more, honestly Kikki K has some of the best notebooks and they look amazing and I love them!

PH 400 Regular Caps

I just want a necklace that looks amazing!

★ PH 400 Regular Caps

I’ve always wanted some new sunglasses but that never really happened so yeah.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to give it a like. I hope you all had a fabulous day and make sure to smile! QOTD: What are your spring must haves?

-SaRitzy ❤

Three Days, Three Quotes!

Hi Everyone! How is it going? I recently got nominated for the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge by four people! I would like to thank the following, 1 Kindness 2 DayRafSamarpita and Lydia for this nomination and make sure to go and check out their lovely blogs!

To participate, I had to:

– thank the nominator

– post one quote each day for three consecutive days

– nominate three bloggers each day to continue the challenge.

Also, I’m not doing three consecutive days. Sorry! But anyway, here are 3 quotes!





Queen Teen

The Unknown Wiki

I hope you liked these three quotes and make sure to give this post a like. Have a nice day and have fun! Also, I’m on holidays now, which means I’m stress free! I’m so happy, you have no idea and I can literally just binge watch anything! YAY! QOTD: What are your favourite quotes?

-SaRitzy ❤


5 things that changed my perspective

Hi Everyone! How are you all? I’m back with another post! Most of you are probably on break. Fun! I’m not, yet. 😦 But, that’s okay, cause I’ll get about two weeks of holidays! So, yay! 😀 Today’s post is just about some things that change my original perspective of them. Make sure to give this post a like!

1)  The Hunger Games Series- When the first movie of the series came out, I really didn’t care about it. I actually hated it because it was over-rated and just about killing and stuff like that. But, I watched the movie and was like this isn’t that bad after all and I later got obsess. It’s really not about killing and survival (it is but, you know what I mean), it’s more about standing up for what you believe in.

2)  Lele Pons- I actually use to like her vine videos and youtube videos but now after watching all of these videos about how Lele pons is a bit rude and stuff, it kind of made me not like her. To me, she kind of does seem to be obsess with numbers and trying to make herself popular.

3)  MyLifeAsEva- I remember back in 2014, I was obsess with DIY and stuff. Now, I find those videos kind of cringey. Have you heard about the Savage Squad? It consists the following YouTubers, EvaMeredithSierra and Teala. The them four have been acting like BFFs and stuff. Later, I no longer saw Mere in any of they’re pictures and of course, beef, happened. Out of them four, I liked Mere the best but, it seems like mainly Eva and Teala were spreading beef and stuff about Mere and it’s just complicated. I feel like it’s not really true friendship. I use like her videos but now not so much.

4) GFRIEND- This is KPOP related, cause you know me KPOP is pretty cool. So, there is this group called GFRIEND and I don’t like them that much. I use to like them but now I don’t. Their fans are called buddies, they’re always like, Gfriend is the best and all, and they get way ahead of themselves, saying that they’re the only talented girl group. SMH. Also, the members attitude don’t seem to be the most friendliest.

5)  Trends that are useless- You know those trends, like slime, loom bands and fidget spinners. What can I say? I hate them, a lot. I use to be obsess with loom bands, *sigh*. I just can’t believe that I spent money on that. It’s just useless and not really helpful in any way. Also, I hate smile, it’s not satisfying (I’m sorry if I offend you).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope some of you find this relatable, in some way. Hope you have a fantastic day! QOTD: What changed your perspective?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Awesome Blogger Award

Hi Everyone! How’s it going? Recently, I got nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award by Ariana, thank you for the nomination and make sure to check out her lovely account!


Thank you Ariana! JIN IS BAE! ❤


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Include the reason behind the award (Let’s just do it here: The Awesome Blogger award was originally created by Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. they have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. that is what truly defines an awesome blogger.)
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  • Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader
  • Answer the questions your nominator gave you
  • Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers
  • Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer
  • Let your nominees know they’ve been nominated!



Thoughtful Musician





Maggie (Kind of just nominated Maggie for the award she created 😂)


1) What is your favourite fruit?


2) What is your favourite vegetable?


3) What is one vegetable you loathe?

Umm… don’t really have one.

4) What is your worst habit-(If that is not too personal)!

Procrastination, it’s really bad.

5) Where are you right now? (In your house type thing).


6) What is your favourite flower?

Lotus flower

7) Why do you love your hobbies?

Cause it makes me happy

8) What is your least favourite thing to do as far as cleaning goes? (Sweeping, dusting)?


9) What is one of the best movies you have watched this year?

I haven’t watched many movies this year and I can’t remember any… the last movie that I remember watching was Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

10) When did you start your blog?

Well, I made a WordPress account back in 2016 but only actually started to use it, March or June last year.


  1. Who is your idol?
  2. Do you like KPOP?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. Want to collab with me on a blog post?
  5. How was your day?
  6. What blog post do you like to read the most?
  7. Who is your blogger inspiration?
  8. Where was the last place you went?
  9. Favourite YouTubers?
  10. Have you been to a concert?

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to give it a like! Also, if you haven’t joined my blog party yet and you want to, then make sure you go and join! Remember to go and check out Ariana’s lovely blog! Have a nice day! QOTD: Did you go and check out Ariana’s blog?

-SaRitzy ❤

5 things that we all need to start doing in April

Hi Everyone! It’s soon about to be April and I just (right now) came up with this blog post idea, and I was like, let’s do it! So, here we are now! I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like! Also, Happy Easter and make sure to eat tonnes of chocolate!

1)  Eat healthy

This is quite a good idea if you want a good lifestyle, especially if you’re me, chocolate is bae and always will be. But, there has to be a limit (sadly), you can have 1 piece each day or even a week. It’s just so much better for you. Also, eat more veggies and meat.

2)  Think Positive and be happy

I know that sometimes it’s hard to be happy, especially if you’re stressed. But, like one wise person once said just get it over and done with. It’s simple, like when you have a test and the more it’s delayed the more you’ll stress but once it’s done you don’t have to stress anymore. Stay positive and don’t worry!

3)  Find a new hobby

I feel like for most of us, blogging is once of our top priorities when it comes to hobbies but sometimes we need to find a different hobby. Because, sometimes we can get overwhelmed by something if we’re always with it. So, I think it’a brilliant idea to go and find a new and fresh hobby, that is fun and amazing!

4)  Start getting back into reading

I don’t know about you but I haven’t read a book in a long time. I feel like, I don’t have any time to read. I miss the old days when I would always read. So, that is why we should start to get back into reading! Most of you are on break, right? Let’s start!

5)  Take new challenges and experiences

Most of us should start doing new things, something that we have never done before. I feel like sometimes it’s better to get out of your comfort zone for bit. It’s simple!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and make sure to give it a like! Hopefully, we all can achieve all of these things that are on the list! I hope you have a great day! Happy Easter to you all! Did you all like the Blog Party? Was it fun meeting new bloggers? QOTD: Goals for April?

-SaRitzy ❤

Blog Party! :D

Hi Everyone! How’s your day been so far? Well, I’m hosting a blog party because I’ve reach 200+ followers and I wanted to give something back to all my followers! YAY! I hope you all can make some new blogging friends and get some new followers as well!

What is a blog party?

Well, a blog party is literally just commenting on other people comments and making conservation. YAY! (I don’t know how to explain, but I tried)

RULES: (Yes, there are rules)

  1. Like this post.
  2. Comment a mini description of you and your blog.
  3. Include a link (if you want).
  4. Reply to other bloggers comments.
  5. Interact.
  6. Mainly, have fun! ❤
  7. Remember to come back each minute to meet even more bloggers!

That’s is it for the rules! Now, it’s time for the party to begin and have fun! Make tonnes of new friends! ❤ QOTD: Description of your blog?

-SaRitzy ❤

How I Edit My Photos

Hi Everyone! How’s life, anything exciting? Today’s post is a bit different to my usual post. It’s about editing my photos and how I do it. I’m just going to share you some tips of how you can edit your own photos, either for your blog or Instagram. I actually always wanted to learn how to use photoshop but never really got to it.  Anyways, I hope they are helpful and make sure to give this post a like!


  • VSCO (App)
  • Phone or a camera

EXAMPLE 1: Here is a photo of the picture I took at a place called Oliver Brown. (Not edited)



2: Then I would go to VSCO and add a filter called C1. Change the lighting, decrease the exposure and increase the contrast. (Personally, editing photos is really just up to your preference and choice, something that you think suits your photo.)






3) Finish product! Then you can go and upload it onto your Instagram page or on your blog.



That is all for today’s post. I hope you all enjoy it! Hopefully these tips helped you a bit and you learnt a bit about how I would edit my photos. Have a good day! QOTD: What are some of your tips on editing photos?

-SaRitzy ❤

Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Hi Everyone! I got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award again! I just want to thank Zoe, she’s a new blogger and make sure to go and check out her lovely blog!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog.
  • Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you provided (11 maximum).
  • Nominate new bloggers and make up to 11 questions for them to answer.
  • List the rules and have the Sunshine Blogger logo present in your post


  • What is your biggest tip for new bloggers?

Keep posting and be active as much as possible.

  • What type of posts are your favourite to write and what type of posts are your favourite to read?

I like writing advice posts and my favourite type of post to read is sentimental posts.

  • What is your favourite hobby (other than blogging)?

Probably photography or simply, binge watching something.

  • What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be all over Europe, USA and Asia.

  • Who are some of your favourite bloggers?

This is hard there’s too many! I’ll only name a few.

Tara Milk Tea 🥤                   Poppy Deyes 🍋                  Zoella 💄                    Niomi Smart 🏃‍♀️

Rosie 🍁                                    Chole 🌹                          Tabi 🐻                            Naya 🌱


  • Describe yourself.
  • Who or what inspired you to blog?
  • Do you like KPOP? If so, which groups?
  • What is the meaning of your name?
  • Who is your female inspiration?
  • What is your country like?
  • One place in the world that you want to be right at this moment.
  • Favourite music genre?
  • Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?
  • What is something that you and your best friend(s) have in common?
  • What do you do in your spare time?




Thoughtful Musician





And all of you lovely people! ❤

I hope you enjoy this post! Make sure to give it a like! Remember to check out Zoe’s, we all know that being a new blogger is hard, so make sure to give her a follow. Have a good day! QOTD: What was it like being a new blogger?

-SaRitzy ❤

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Hi Everyone! How has it been? Today’s post is just me giving all of you some advice, isn’t that great! I’m just going to tell you some of my blogging tips and tricks, to gain more followers and have a good content and mainly to inspire other bloggers around the world. To be honest with you I’m not a professional blogger but I just really hope some of these tips help you, to grow your blog. Make sure to give this post a like!

<1> Socialise with other bloggers

Just simply comment and read other bloggers post and try to engage with them, the more you talk means that you are likely to become friends. They might even give you a follow!

<2>  Use tags

You know in the post setting section there is a Categories & Tags, that is where you do your tags. But remember to use certain tags that fit your blog post. This can help you to more gain view, likes and even followers, but this may not happen every time though.

<3> Post Regularly

If you want your blog to become more successful and gain a lot more traffic then post more! (I sound like I’m in an ad 😂, I think…) This really does increase the amount of views and likes.

<4> Content

Have content that makes readers feel like they understand and relate with you or give advice to other bloggers and readers. To be honest, the content is up to you but the best idea is to stick with one or two themes for your blog.

<5> Include a picture

Adding a photo for every blog post you write, gives off a better vibe, it draws attention to the readers and gives a more appealing blog post.

I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give this post a like! Hopefully these tips and tricks helped you a bit with your blogging. Anyways, have a good day! QOTD: What are some of your blogger tips and tricks?

-SaRitzy ❤

Inspiration and Quotes + International Women’s Day!

Hi Everyone! Let’s all take a moment and appreciate all things that women around the world and what they have done. You may or may not know this but today is International Women’s Day! I just want to share a meaningful post with all of you. Make sure to give a like!

For a very long time most women and girls have been looked down upon for being weak and needing help from men. They would criticise them but little does society know how harsh it is towards women, controlling what image they should have, body type and face. Even female kpop idols have it hard, they can’t do stuff like regular people, or else they’ll get into trouble and cause controversy. They also have less fans than the male idols, if female idols are near the male idols, most of the male idols fans would bash the female idols, this is actually really sad. There also a lot pressure for them, to have the perfect body, face and image. It’s always been hard for a women to have the same values and equality to a man, for example, income, status, opportunities and even a say is society. Fortunately, there are women that took the stand in what they believe in and changed the world for what we have today. Us, women and girls should thank them for the opportunities that they have given us, even if they didn’t have that chance or opportunities for themselves and took the risk. It’s amazing how this world is slowly changing for the better, today we even have women being in high positions CEOs, Mangers, Founders, Prime Ministers and Presidents. Women run the world, we are the future. GIRL POWER! There are many women and girls in the world right now, right at this moment breaking these expectations of what women are ‘supposed’ to be. The CEO of YouTube is actually a women, Susan Wojcicki and Ginni Rometty who is the CEO of IBM, just to name a few. Malala Yousafzai, one of those female activist in this world that is, not just fighting for female rights but for the rights of all children around the world to be educated. These women have accomplish something that is truly remarkable for a women and speaking up for all of us. Hopefully in the future we can see more women in all different areas of occupation around the industry and excelling to their very best.

Quotes + Inspiration

4cdb283d183b5f7874348a006cf0e4ed--feminist-quotes-feminism-friday  DVRzjFZXUAAK3iI  Women Empowerment Quotes 1000+ Empowering Women Quotes On Pinterest | Woman Quotes, Women

I hope you liked this post! It was a bit different for a change. I realised I haven’t posted in ages. Sorry about that. But I hope you liked this. Last year, I actually wrote a speech about gender equality and women’s rights for a writing competition. One of my all time favourite female activist is Emma Watson and Hermonie Granger, they’re both smart and both of them create the perfect image of what an independent woman should be. I hope you have a great day and give it a like! QOTD: What are your opinions on women’s rights?

-SaRitzy ❤

How to Stay Motivated as a Blogger

Hi Everyone! How’s it going? I hope you all have a fabulous day! It’s officially March! It’s actually Autumn in Australia but for most of you it’s Spring! Lovely seasons! 🙂 I actually came up with this blog post idea because I lacked a lot motivation to upload post, so I decided to write a blog about it. Here are some of my tips that I think might be helpful for you. I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like!

1)  Set Goals

Having set goals is a good way to motivate yourself to post more and reach your goals. I actually personally find this really helpful. My main goals, most of the time is to get at least 7 or more post each month.

2)  Have a posting schedule and stick with it

It can be posting once or twice a week, it doesn’t need to be a complex post, it can just simply be a top 10 post or my favourite post. It’s actually quite good to have a posting schedule, it keeps you organised and helps you with time management.

3)  Post about what you want

It doesn’t matter whether you post about books, lifestyle, fashion or makeup, it’s simply about what you want to blog about and stick with it.

4)  Take a break

Sometimes you need to take a break from something, if blogging is getting to much for you. It’s time for you to take a break and come back later with a fresh new start, with new ideas and interest.

5)  Plan ahead

This tip is quite simple, all you need to do is plan ahead of what you’re going to write and post for the next month. It helps you with time management, because you may be busy that month or week and you have to post but lucky you already have a post that is edited and ready to be uploaded. So, this doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Most of the time a lot of bloggers do this, have post that is ready to be uploaded.

That is it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to give it a like if you hadn’t already! It’s hard to believe that February is over and it’s now March! I hope you all have a fresh new start to this month and remember to stay positive and work super hard to reach your monthly goals. Have a great day! QOTD: What motivates you as a blogger?

-SaRitzy ❤

Birthday Haul!

Hi Everyone! How are you all? I’m tried and I feel like I haven’t posted in a very long time, maybe not a long long time but it’s been about 4 or 5 days. Lately I haven’t got much motivation and I’m lacking in uploading post of my posting schedule. But hopefully I can still post a lot and get my motivation back. 🙂 Today’s post is just a quick and simple post! I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to give it a like!


I didn’t get the camera for my birthday.

What I got: (Only some of it because, I haven’t received some of my presents yet).

  • Chocolate
  • Candle (Cucumber and Melon)
  • BTS Album! Photo card: JHOOOOOOPE.
  • Another photo card: RM.
  • Chocolate from Typo
  • Notebook –Typo
  • Mini Lightbox – Typo
  • Eiffel Tower Pen – Typo
  • To Do List Notepad – Typo
  • Hand written letters from my friends
  • Cards
  • Book- We were Liars
  • Box of Favourites
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Crunchy Chocolate Bar
  • Money!
  • Brunch, yum!

I also when to Luna Park with my friends from my old school.


img_3545-e1519721400669.jpg     img_3544.jpg    img_3533.jpg

I hope you liked this post! Make sure to give it a like! Can’t believe it’s March soon! So, bye February! 😦 Have a good day. 😀 I also have something for you guys once I reach 200 followers! A gift from me! Stay tuned to find soon to find out! 🙂 QOTD: What was a highlight of your day?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi Everyone! I just want to thank all of you for those lovely messages that you commented on my Q & A + It’s My Birthday post. Thank you so much! ❤ I feel like I haven’t posted in ages. I recently got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award, thank you so much Queen Teen for this nomination. Make sure to go and check out her amazing blog!

1. What’s your favourite sport?

Probably, badminton or table tennis.

2. Do you have any siblings and what are they like?

I have one older sister. She’s a nice person.

3. Favourite song at the moment?

I really like Dimple by BTS and Gorgeous by Taylor Swift.

4. How old are you? When’s your birthday?

I want to be anonymous so I’m not going to tell you my age. (Sorry, but I feel like you can easily guess my age.) But I’m born on 18th of February.

5. A weird moment you’ve had?

It’s not really weird but more of a unexpected moment, was that I won second place for Cross Country and I wasn’t competitive, I was just running cause I had no one at the time to walk a 2km with. That was in primary school.

6. What’s something you regret you wish you could have changed?

When I started my new school last year, I wished I put more effort making friends with my “buddy”.

7. Least favourite TV show?

Umm… I’m not quite sure.

8. Tell us an important life lesson you believe in.

Always work hard. Sometimes in life, it is about winning.

9. Do you have a bad habit?


10. Would you rather bungee jump off a cliff or ride a bull?

I’ll rather bungee jump off a cliff.


  1. How do you spend your weekends?
  2. Do you like K-POP, if so which groups?
  3. Inspirational book?
  4. Favourite YouTubers?
  5. Where do you get your inspiration?
  6. When did you start your blog?
  7. Describe yourself in two words.
  8. What is something you and your best friend fangirl about?
  9. Description of what your country is like.
  10. How was your day?


The Beyoutiful Gal


Thoughtful Musician



I nominate all of you, as well!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! I’m starting to do my Birthday Haul post, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. Hope you have a amazing day! Remember to check out Queen Teen’s amazing blog! QOTD: Did you find any of my answers relatable?

-SaRitzy ❤


Q&A! + It’s My Birthday!!

Hi Everyone! How are you all? Well, today’s my birthday!! I’m one year older today! Not yay! So, I decided to do a Q&A. I asked you guys to give me some questions. I want to thank all of the bloggers who took their time to comment their questions. Thank you so much!! ❤ I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like!


@ Nikky

What is your all time favourite book?

 Probably either the Harry Potter Series or The Hunger Game Series.

@ Rachel

Which celebrity would you pick to be your sibling?

 Emma Watson or Jackson Wang (GOT7)
What’s something (besides breathing and blinking, etc.) You do every day?
 Umm… sleep? Haha, maybe check my blog.
What’s something on your bucket list?

To post more on my blog! 😀

@ Diana

Do you have any tips on writing a great blog post?

  • Write something you and your bloggers like.
  • Make it unique and eye catching.
  • Make your content useful or relatable.
  • Format your post to something that is easy for your readers to read.

I hope these tips are helpful!

@ Unknown Wiki

Do you know what a Quokka is? If yes, do you like it?

Quokka are so cute and adorable!!

@ Maggie

What two animals best describe your personality and why?

Dog and Sheep. It’s because I’m the year of the Sheep. Dogs are adorable (not saying that I’m adorable) but I feel like dogs can be understanding and know when someone is feeling down. (I can easily tell if someone is feeling a bit down. Maybe we all feel that? I don’t know.)
What is your favourite month of the year?
February, because it’s my birthday and November, whenever I think of November, I instantly think chill.
What are a few things you’d love to try someday?
I want to do skydiving. Go overseas!

@ Beyoutiful

Just would like to more about you and your hobbies.
I’m Zara(SaRitzy) and I live in Australia (you probably know this). I have the same birthday as Justin (Huang Ming Hao, Produce 101 Season 2 and Idol Producer) if you know who that is. My favourite YouTubers are Zoella, Alfie and Alisha Marie. Some of my hobbies include blogging and photography.

@ Thu

If you could live in any country, where would it be?

England, USA or in Europe, but I would want to feel at home, maybe I’ll stick with Australia for now.

@ Thoughtful Musician

If you could go anywhere in the world right now and not worry about the cost, where would you go?

All over Europe and Asia.

@ Jana

How do you find inspiration? 

Through quotes or people (bloggers, people around me)

What is something different about you?


What’s your favourite food?

I have a lot, I like chocolate, pizza, lasagne, meat pie, rice and more to name, cause I love food!

@My Harry Potter Blog

What’s your favourite book?
Probably either the Harry Potter Series or The Hunger Game Series.
What’s your favourite TV/Netflix series?
Umm… How I Met Your Mother? Teen Wolf? I have a lot, I really can’t choose.
What do you find motivational?
Quotes, TED Talk speeches.
How do you get your blog posts ready?
I tend to edit each of my post and if I want to post a particular post. Then I would finish it and upload it on my uploading schedule. (I hope that made sense, it probably didn’t.)
Are you confident?
 Umm… no not really.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got to know me a little bit better. I want to give a shoutout to all of the bloggers who asked questions! Maybe I could do a Birthday haul or something. Let me know in the comments below. Have a nice day! QOTD: Should I do a Birthday Haul?

-SaRitzy ❤

7 things to do everyday

Hi Everyone! How are you all? I hope you are all good. I’m starting to get stressed over school. I have a lot assignments and homework to do. It’s Chinese New Year Eve today and Chinese New Year tomorrow! There’s going to be a lot of red pockets!!! So, for today’s post is just going to be some little things that you should do everyday. Also, I want to thank you all for 150 followers!!! ❤ Thank you so much!!

1)  Wake up with a optimistic mood

By far, I feel like this method actually works. Normally you would feel better at the end of the day be you woke feeling happy. 😀 Just remember be positive!!

2) Check your planner

A good way to start the day is by being organised and have everything prepared for the day. It only takes about 5 minutes.

3)  Make a to do list

This is a good way to start the day, a productive day. It keeps you organised and you would know what you need to do for the day.

4)  SMILE!

Good way to start the day is always by smiling!! 😀

5)  Eat healthy

We all need to eat healthy. Don’t eat junk food, eat more protein and healthy food, so that it can energise your body and bring positive vibes all over your body.

6)  Exercise

Everyday you need to have at least 30 mins of exercise, it can just be going out for a 30 minute walk or slow pace jog.

7)  Get enough sleep

Never sleep less than 6 hours cause it’s really bad for you. The best possible way is to have a fixed time of when you go to bed and when you wake up. Then, it can become a sleeping pattern.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Make sure you give it a like! I hope you have a great Chinese New Year! Have a great day!! QOTD: What are some things that you do everyday?

-SaRitzy ❤

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi Everyone! How is life? I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Yay! Another award that is amazing! I would like to thank Molly for this nomination! Thank you so much!! Make sure go and check out her amazing blog!


  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.







Thoughtful Musician







Beyoutiful Gal


Unknown Wiki

Anyone who wants to do it, feel free to comment down below and I’ll add you to the list of nominations!

7 things about me!

  1. I’ve never been overseas. (I want to go all over the world, mainly Europe and Asia)
  2. It’s my birthday soon! YAY!
  3. I have one sibling.
  4. I’m in the Ravenclaw house.
  5. I love quotes and calligraphy.
  6. I really like puns and relatable memes.
  7. I like Autumn and Spring the most, out of all of the seasons.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to give it a like! Remember to check out Molly’s lovely blog! I hope you have a great day! QOTD: What are some 7 facts about you?

-SaRitzy ❤

7 Unpopular Opinions

Hi Everyone! How’s it going? I hope you all are doing well! It’s actually nearly my birthday! 8 days to go!! YAY!! Also, Chinese New Year is soon! I’m quite excited!! 😀 Today’s post is just about my 7 unpopular opinions. Please don’t feel offended! Make sure to give this post a like!

  • I personally like How I Met Your Mother more than Friends. I actually like both of them. I also like the ending of How I Met Your Mother, I ship them, so that’s probably why.
  • I  don’t mind Taylor Swift. I don’t know whether people like her more than they hate her but I feel like people who dislike her, sometimes don’t really have a valid reason of why they dislike her. E.g Cause her music sucks.
  • They need to stop making a second movie (sequel) of a film. (If you know what I mean) I know the first film was popular and the people who made the movie want more money but do they have to that? But, for majority of the time the second or third movies aren’t as good as the first movie. E.g Ice Age 1,2,3 and 4 and Mean Girls 1,2, etc.
  • I generally hate it when people complain about someone uploading a mirror selfie. They would get comments like “pretty” or “😍 😍”. Then the people who complain do the exact same thing and get those comments. 🤷‍♀️
  • I personally prefer hot chocolate than coffee. I mean I like coffee but hot chocolate is better.
  • Blackpink and Twice are really over-rated. I mean their music is good and all but they’re not hugely talented compared to other groups. They’re also really over hyped. I like their personalities but they’re not as funny as some other groups.
  • Winter is better than Summer. Okay, I personally prefer Winter over Summer, mainly because Summer is too hot. I just hate it when you sweat and stuff, people showing off their bodies and you can’t go outside because it’s too hot. (But I do love Summer for the longer nights.)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please don’t feel offended if my opinion is different to yours. Maybe you could have found it relatable, maybe or maybe not. Anyways, make sure to give this post a like and have a good day! QOTD: What are some of your unpopular opinions?

-SaRitzy ❤

How to Avoid Writer’s Block

Hi Everyone! I’m back at school. Which means more and more homework to do and less blogging. 😫 I was really enjoying my month and a half break but now school is back. Also, how can I forget. It’s February!!! Anyways, today’s post is about writer’s block! If you don’t know what it is, it’s just when you have nothing to write or when have no idea what to write. This happens to a lot of people, including me. I’m going to give you some tips and ways that you can avoid them. Make sure to give this post a like.

1)  Read other bloggers post for inspiration!
This is always one of the best ideas for us bloggers to do. It helps us get some inspiration from bloggers and take some ideas from their blog post, then twist it to make it our own.

2)  Google Blog Ideas

I actually do this quite often when I don’t know what to write and it actually helps! Down below there are some links for lifestyle blogger post ideas:

100 Lifestyle Blog Ideas

75 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

115 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

You can even make your own list as a blog post. Even better, the ideas you thought of, you can use it for your own blog.

3)  Make a series

This is quite simple. Just start by think about an idea, it can be anything. E.g It can be like a tag series or a rant series, pretty much anything you can think of.

4)  Upload some pictures for a blog post

I’ve seen a lot of blog post, where bloggers would upload some pictures they took on a trip. Or even just sharing their photography with everyone. E.g Photos from my trip to England.

5)  Read books and write tonnes of book reviews

This is actually a good idea because there are a lot of books in this world and you pretty much never run out of  books to read or book review ideas! It’s also good to know that you remember what you have read.

That is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to give it a like! Hopefully this post gave you some ideas of what to write for your blog. I hope you have a good day! QOTD: How do you avoid writer’s block?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Harry Potter Tag + 100 Followers!!

Hi Everyone! I’m back with another Harry Potter post! YAY! As you may or may not know but Harry Potter is one of favourite series. I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like! 😀 Also, I would like to thank you all for 100+ followers, I’m really happy to have reached my goal! Thank you so much! ❤

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.38.24 am.png

This is so amazing!! 100+ Followers!!! ❤

1) Favourite HP book?
Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I like the Triwizard Tournament and Snape’s side of the story.

2) Least favourite book?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I feel like not much happens (stuff does happen) but the book is really long and Umbridge is just annoying.

3) Favourite movie?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I feel like a lot of things happen in this movie. I really love the ending of the movie, where it shows Harry, Ron, Hermonie and Ginny sending their children off to Hogwarts.

4) Least favourite movie?  
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I personally feel like not much happens. It’s sort of similar to The Hunger Games Part 1, because the plot is slow and it’s on for 2-3 hours.

5) Favourite quote?


6) Favourite Weasley?
Fred and George. (Sorry Ron!) They’re so funny and they just make your day a little bit brighter.

7) Favourite female character?
Hermonie Granger and Luna Lovegood. I love how Hermonie gives off some feminist vibes and she’s smart. She shows a good representation of what a independent woman can do. I personally feel like Luna also gives off some of those vibes as well.

8) Favourite villain?
Draco Malfoy. Who doesn’t like him?

9) Favourite male character?
Harry Potter. Cause he’s Harry Potter.

10) Favourite professor?
Professor Mcgonagall, she so sassy and I love her quote “I always wanted to use that spell”.

That is all for today! I just want to thank all of my followers, once again. ❤ I’m really happy to have surpass 100+ followers. Thank you guys so much! *virtual hug* I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to give it a like! Have a fabulous day everyone! QOTD: Which Harry Potter movie is your favourite?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Blogger Recognition Award!

Hi Everyone! It’s me, and I’m here with another post! YAY! Today’s post will be a bit different because I got nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award! I would like to thank Elise for nominating me for this award. Thank you so much!!! xx Make sure you go and check out her blog!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
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  3.  Give a little backstory on how your blog first started
  4. Share two pieces of advice you think new bloggers should know
  5. Nominate five other bloggers for the award and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know, along with a link to your award post

How this blog came about

The reason why I started this blog was because two of my friends had a secret blog, only them two knew about it. Until one of my best friends and I found it out through Instagram. Then, I felt the urge to make a blog myself. But being me I procrastinated on creating my blog but I eventually got around to it. I actually made my blog in 2016 but I only actually started posting around June 2017.  Later, my friends deleted their blog. I think it’s because they knew that my best friend and I found out and didn’t want us to read their personal stuff and issues that they wrote on their blogs (which is fine). That’s my story.


  • Have a posting schedule

Having a posting schedule is really helpful because you know when you have to post. It keeps you organised as well.

  • Never Compare

Don’t worry about you blog post not getting enough likes or views. It doesn’t really matter if other bloggers have more followers than you. It’s more about you writing your thoughts and sharing it with other people.





Thoughtful Musician


I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to give it a like! Thank you so much for reading! xx I hope you have a great day! Remember to go and check out Elise’s blog. QOTD: How was your day?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Struggles of Being a Blogger

Hi Everyone! How’s it going? For today’s post, I’m going to tell you some struggles that happen to most bloggers. Also, I have to say that I’m really happy because my goal was to upload 7 blog post this month and this is the 7th post! YAY! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post! 😀 If you liked it, make sure to give it a like!

Writer’s Block

This always happens, when you first become a blogger I feel like you have so much to write but then when you become better and get use to blogging you start to have a writer’s block. It’s really annoying.

Having to post on schedule

I know it’s a good thing to have a posting schedule but sometimes you don’t really have the time to post. For me I sometimes procrastinate on my blog posts, then I’ll end up posting them one day late.

Come up with a good post idea but then you forget it

I feel like this happens to me, a lot and it’s really frustrating. I think the best way to remember those ideas is just by quickly writing them down.

Not having enough time to blog

For most bloggers they hardly ever have enough time to blog. It’s mainly because of school and exams. Or other activities that us bloggers have to do.

You put a lot of effort into your blog post and no one cares

Sometimes, bloggers spend a lot of time on a particular post but it doesn’t get as much likes or views as their other post that they have spent less time on. I mean a lot people want to beat their own personal record in terms of views and likes but it’s okay if people don’t take much notice. ❤

That is it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to give it a like! I hope you all bloggers out there can relate to some of the struggles that were shown above. I hope you have a great day! QOTD: What struggles do you have as a blogger?

-SaRitzy ❤

10 things that make me happy!

Hi Everyone! How have you been? I have to back to school soon. 😫  Nooo! Anyways, for today’s post, I’m going to tell you 10 thing that make me happy. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it, and if you did make sure to give it a like. 👍 😀

1) Being with my friends

It’s always fun being around with my friends. They always make me laugh and support me all the time. 😀 True friendship! ❤ I don’t think I have told you this but one of my really close friend and I have been friends for like more than 10 years. I can’t believe that! It makes me happy to think that I’ve known her for such a long time.

2) Family

This is one of the top things that make me happy. I feel like my family supports me and my ambitions. At the same time they all want me to succeed in life. It’s just so nice to know that there is always someone that cares for you, who is a family member. ❤

3) K-POP

I really like K-POP but not in a huge fangirl way. Just in a neutral level, not too hardcore and not too non-Kpop. My favourite groups at the moment are Got7, Apink and BTS. Taehyung, Jin and Hoseok are bias wreaking me, making it hard fo me to find a bias!! Which K-POP group do you follow?

4) Blogging

Blogging is just amazing, I don’t how to describe it. You get to meet amazing people, who are so inspiring. It is so nice to be in an environment where everyone is so supportive to one another!! It’s definitely one of the best experiences ever! ❤

5) Chocolateee!!

I mean who doesn’t like chocolate, (some people) and I personally love it, a lot. I actually like all of chocolates like, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

6) Foooddddd!!!!

I love food and food is bae. Nothing can beat food, it will always be my favourite thing in the world! It always makes me happy!

7) Movies/ TV Shows/ K-Drama or Asian Dramas 

I love watching K-Drama and movies. It’s so nice to spend some time watching a movie or a K-Drama.

8) Memes and Puns

I personally love puns, some memes are funny but puns are better. I love cute puns like the ones down below!

066b57540b79fd7ec9c14131c465b5b7 puns-galore-10__880

9) Watching YouTube videos

Yess!!! I love YouTubers like, Zoella, Alfie and Michelle Phan. I also like Meredith Foster and Alisha Marie but I don’t watch their videos that often. If I feel like watching skits or comedy videos, I’ll watch Ryan Higa or LeendaD Productions.

10) Reading

I personally love reading but the thing is, I haven’t read a book in a long time. I feel really bad and I don’t know what series to read. But I still love reading, as you may or may not know but I love Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent. (Only the first book of the Divergent Series.) Have you watched Death Cure yet?

That is all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it! If you liked it, then make sure to give it a like! 😀 I can’t believe that I only have one week left before I have to go to school. 😫 Anyways, I hope you have a good day! QOTD: What makes you happy?

-SaRitzy ❤

8 things to boost your happiness

Hi Everyone! How is it going? Today, I’m going to tell you, 8 things that increase your happiness. Isn’t that great? 🙂 I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to give it a like, if you liked it. 😀

1) Eat Healthy/ Exercising or going outside

Eating healthy food and exercising can increase your energy.

2) LET IT GO!! *Immediately thinks of Frozen 😂*

Don’t hold onto those negative thoughts or those annoying problems, just take a few minutes/hours to rest a refresh your mind. Never waste time worrying over these negative thoughts and just try to figure out a solution. Never bottle it up, just let it go.

3) Compliment other people

Even if you’re not the one receiving the compliment, doesn’t mean you’ll feel sad. Giving someone a compliment can make you happy as well! You feel good because you’re giving and making someone else happy.

4) NEVER compare yourself with others

I know it’s really hard to not compare yourself with other people. But it’s okay because you are perfect the way you are and that’s what makes us all unique.

5) Be positive!!

Be happy and don’t get too worked up about your issues. Try your best!

6) Talk to someone

Tell someone you trust like a family member or a friend about your issues. They’ll try their best to help you with your situation.

7) Get Quality Sleep

Having the right amount of sleep is very important. No one really wants to see you grumpy because you stayed up all night binging TV Shows.

8) Smile!!

Remember to always smile!!! 😀 Also, have fun!

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That is all for today! I hope you like this post, make sure to give it a like. Hopefully these tips can be handy one day! Remember to always smile and think positive! Always remember to have fun! 😀 Have a good day! QOTD: What makes you happy?

-SaRitzy ❤


7 things to love about The Harry Potter Series

Hi Everyone! Today’s post is going to be all about The Harry Potter Series! YAY!! Who doesn’t love this series? I love it so much! It’s just so beautiful, everything about it is amazing. Now, here are some things to love about The Harry Potter Series.

1. The Characters

All the characters from Harry Potter are really interesting and all of them seem to have a interesting background story. Most of the characters are likeable and has its purpose of being in the story.

2.Harry, Ron and Hermonie’s Friendship. 

Who doesn’t love the friendship that the Golden Trio have? They supported each other and help one another. Even if Ron and Hermonie didn’t get along at the beginning, they both started to understand their true feelings that they had for each other. The Golden Trio will forever be the iconic.


This is one of the main keys parts to Harry Potter. Each and every quote has so much meaning to it.

harry-potter eef6e466-27ee-4569-8cbc-bf318e2f111e

4.The Triwizard Tournament

The tournament is literally one of my favourite things in The Harry Potter Series. The whole thing is just amazing! I love how the tournament included other schools. All the dragons, swimming and mazes.

5.A Different World

Harry Potter literally brings you to a different world, a whole new idea of another world. I feel like sometimes, it’s hard to even think of a plot for a creative writing piece. But JK Rowling created a imaginary world, that can tell many stories.

6.New Words

In Harry Potter, there are soooo many new words like, muggle, mudblood and horcrux, etc. Even the spells are new words for us, like Alohomora, Expecto Patronum and Expelliarmus.


The houses in Harry Potter include, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I like how all the houses have something that they are know for. Like, Ravenclaw is know for their wisdom, cleverness, and wit. It’s another one of the those iconic things in Harry Potter. Which house are you in?


That is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and found it relatable in some way. What is your favourite thing about Harry Potter? Anyways, have a good day! QOTD: Which Harry Potter book is your favourite?

-SaRitzy ❤

The Aesthetic Tag

Hey Everyone! I’m doing my first tag ever on WordPress!! YAY, I’m so excited!! I was nominated by Rosie, thank you so much for this nomination!! ❤ Make sure to go a check out her fabulous blog.


· Thank the person that tagged you and leave a link to their blog.

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· Leave a link to the original post .

· Create aesthetics for the 3 characters that the person who tagged you gives .

· Make sure to use your own aesthetics.

· Tag at least 3 other bloggers providing links to their blog.

· List your own set of characters for the people that you tagged.

· Have fun!


Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter




White Bunny from Alice in Wonderland



Katniss Everdeen- The Hunger Games

Harry Potter


I Nominate:



Thoughtful Musician



Anyone else, feel free to do this tag!!

I hope you liked this post, as much as I did, making the aesthetics. Remember to go and check out Rosie’s blog and have a good day!  QOTD: Which aesthetic character did you like the best?

-SaRitzy ❤

TV Shows/ K-Drama that you have to binge watch

Hello Everybody!! It’s 2018, which means it’s a new year and a new start for most of us. If you didn’t know this but I love K-Drama, a lot. I also quite like watching American TV Shows. I’m going to share some of my favourite TV Shows and K-Drama.

American TV Shows (Watch it on Netflix)

  • Teen Wolf
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Stranger Things
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Friends
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Gossip Girl
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Thirteen Reasons Why
  • Riverdale
  • Vampire Diaries.

K-Drama (Watch on KissAsian or Viki)

  • The Legend of the Blue Sea
  • My Love From Another Star
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Doctor Stranger
  • Reply 1997
  • Sassy Go Go
  • Who Are You: School 2015
  • Goblin
  • Descendants of the Sun
  • Pinocchio

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to binge watch any of these TV Shows or K-Drama. I hope you liked my recommendation list and find a show that will interest you. Have a good day! ❤ Also, thank you so much for 50 followers!!