Pet Peeves about Christmas

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to discuss some of my pet peeves that I have about Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I really do love Christmas but sometimes it just gets too much. There are just some things about it that either annoying or stress me out. Hopefully some of you will understand. Now let’s get to it!

☃︎ Buying Presents ☃︎

I like buying presents and gifting to other people but omg it stresses me out. Because most of the time idk what to buy for people. Another thing about buying presents is that what if you are doing secret santa and the person you got that isn’t close to you, then you basically have to keep thinking about what to buy.

☃︎ Having to pack away Christmas Decor ☃︎

I don’t know about you but the process of packing up and taking down Christmas decor is so annoying and tiring.

☃︎ December = Busy Month ☃︎

Normally I would still have school in the first two weeks of December before school holidays start and then there is this stress of having to buy presents and prepare for Christmas.

☃︎ Blogmas ☃︎

Don’t get me wrong blogmas is fun, initially but because I’m so busy with life and always procrastinate, it takes a long time to get a blogmas post done. Idk but I’m lowkey tired and stressed out about it. But it’s okay. Another thing that annoys me about Blogmas is that, it is hard to come up with interesting blogmas post ideas.

That is all for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to leave a like and a comment! QOTD: What are your pet peeves about Christmas?



4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves about Christmas

  1. About buying presents… This stresses me out sometimes as well. However, for my boyfriend, I started keeping a list in my phone throughout the year of every single thing he says he wants. I keep updating it with his wants for the entire year (and deleting items if he buys them for himself). By the end of the year, I have a pretty great list of things to buy and I don’t feel like I’m hard pressed to come up with a bunch of great gift ideas in a short amount of time.

    For everybody else (mom, dad, sisters, brothers, etc) – Amazon wish lists! Ask for theirs and send them yours. This made my life so easy this year!

    I also did Secret Santa this year, which I don’t generally participate in, but this year I thought why not?! Most of the people in the group are my friends, but there were also a few people I didn’t know. The organizer of our Secret Santa set up a Google sheet where everyone went in and filled out information about favorite colors, favorite movies/characters, favorite sports teams, etc. The spreadsheet also had a spot to put links to things you want (that were at or below the set dollar amount we agreed upon as a group). Secret Santa was super stress-free doing it this way.

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