Why I hate group work

Hey Everyone! Today’s post is about how much I hate group work. We all hate it. This post was inspired by the amount of group projects that I have been receiving for a couple of weeks. So, I hope you can relate!

  •  People just don’t do stuff: I swear people are the worse. Like, I’ve been doing so much work and they just don’t do anything. UGHHHHH
  • People not contributing: It’s more like they’re not giving any ideas or just talking to other people around the room and not doing the project.
  • Trying to contact everyone: I tried to contact people via instagram and they don’t even see it or reply to it.
  • You tell people to do something and they don’t do it right: This happened to me and it makes me so annoyed. They just cause me more trouble rather helping me.
  • When there is no leader: Okay, so I know some people find the leader annoying but it’s good to have a leader. They control what is going on and force people to do stuff. When there is no one being the leader, everyone doesn’t do anything and people don’t care as much.
  • It’s tiring: Having to spend late nights, just to finish off a projects because all the group members are procrastinating.
  • It feels like a battle when you’re done: So relieved, as there is no more group work.

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I hope you enjoyed this post today. I’m sorry for not posting that much, like I’ve said before. I have lost a lot of motivation to post and I’m having writer’s blog at the moment. I really want to blog more but, I really don’t feel like it at the same time. Also, I want to give a shoutout to one of my friends who has started a blog as well. She posts about many things! Go check out her blog here: Persona Pieces. I hope you all have a good day. I’ll try and write soon!

-SaRitzy ❤


31 thoughts on “Why I hate group work”

  1. I know how you feel! I had one recently where there wasn’t really a balance in work and we didn’t really get a great mark even though I worked really hard on it.
    It’s okay you’ve lost a bit of motivation because we all go through it. I just had two months off my blog but now I feel like I have more ideas than ever. Just blog whenever you feel it’s right. We will all still be here❤️

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  2. Ugh, group work is so annoying. I mean if everyone just sticks to one idea then it sometimes (ahem, very rarely) works, but when everyone has their own ideas, and won’t take advice from anyone else, then it ends up a mess. Which is terrible, because then everyone is frustrated at the group for not participating like they should’ve….

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  3. I used to think group work would be fun until I was in high school and also college omg that was the worst. We would have so many quarrels. I always had to do so much and nobody did anything. To be honest I didn’t like a leader because it made me feel even more stressed. I just prefer to work alone than group work. I understand you so much. Good luck with everything 🍀💕

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  4. Oh my gosh – YES!! 100% I’ve been there before when working in a group – it can be so frustrating when people don’t want to or can’t be bothered to work & you end up doing it all… 😂
    I’m also definitely with you when you say it can be so tiring as this is the truth – it always makes me exhausted after a long day! Great post, Autumn x

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  5. This is so true!!!! As a senior high student, we definitely HAVE a lot of group works and it’s really frustrating sometimes!! 😩 When you tell them to pass this time, they won’t, and so your project would be delayed! I’m better working off alone or with a pair who really works as well! Thanks for sharing this post, I had fun! 💖

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  6. aghh, this is so true and relatable!! gosh, i feel like i’m always the one doing the work- grr! but this post sums up all the aspects- and it’s funny! x

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  7. I understand completely. I’ve had the same experience when working in groups. All the work seems to fall on the most diligent which happens to be me. But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get a good grade. I try to be optimistic and remember “Plans fail when there is no consultation,But there is accomplishment through many advisers.” (Proverbs 22:15)

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